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In this article, we will write a simple stock predictor using LSTMs. The neural network uses stock data from the last half a year or so and uses LSTMs to predict the values of the future stock price.
As you might have guessed from the title of this article, there will be a TensorFlow edition of this article coming out soon. Why write a similar program both using TensorFlow and PyTorch? …

When you hear something with “AI”, what comes to mind? Although most are referring to deep learning, a new technique to train algorithms to make decisions (e.g. is this a cat or a dog?), AI is a broad field, and there is much more to it. Let’s explore the what the differences and similarities between AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), DL (deep learning), and what they are.


A diagram showing some subfields of AI. By Ken Shibata.

AI is a really broad field. The diagram below shows some, but many others are hidden for the sake of simplicity. The “AI” that you might hear or see on the Internet…

v1.1: Changed some wording and added more comprehensive definitions

In this article, we’ll be making a new, simple toy programming language and a compiler for it. This toy language, Cytoplasm, will probably have no practical use, but it is a good one to start learning about and implementing compilers, parsers, and programming languages. Our language will be fully procedural, and only support floats/integers as the only data structure.

Cytoplasm will only be able to call functions (just like in math: sin(180)) and use numbers (integers and rational numbers):


But, we’ll make the compiler (a program to change the…

Ken Shibata

I’m a 13 year old on the mission to impact billions through making programming easier than ever using AI and other technologies. I’m fluent in Python, Go, and F

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